Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant

Cat holding up both hands to ask do you need an online business manager or a virtual assistant?
Written by Cat Dunn on May 7, 2023

Which do you need: Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant?

Let's talk: Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant - what are they?

An Online Business Manager (OBM) is a planner, and a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a doer.

I like comparing it to building a house: The OBM is like the architect that you work with on the plan and layout of the house, as well as the logistics and planning aspects. The VA is like the builder who comes in with the bricks and mortar to actually bring the house to life.

Are their roles different?

In terms of Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant, here are the main differences:

OBMs manage projects and daily operations. We’re the first point of contact with the biz owner and manage the team, which can include VAs, web designer, copywriter, social media manager (SMM), etc.

OBM is a higher-level role and holds many responsibilities for fewer clients and projects.

VAs complete assigned tasks following standard operating procedures (SOPs) or instructions. They don’t provide strategic support and work directly with the OBM or biz owner.

VAs usually work with many clients at the same time.

Which role do I need in my biz?

It depends on your biz and your priorities. If you’re an established biz and want to scale and make more money or your systems need a good shake up, an OBM is a great fit for you.

If you wanna pass on some tasks that are eating up your time and aren’t in your zone of genius or you’re not light up by them, there’s a VA out there who loves getting that s** done for you.

Can I work with an OBM and a VA?

Hell yeah! When it comes to Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant, a lot of biz owners find that they need both roles to support them.

And the OBM and VA work together, which gives you back even more time for your genius zone.

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