Where can I find Australian Virtual Assistants?

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Written by Cat Dunn on April 7, 2023

Are you looking for Australian Virtual Assistants for your business?

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are bloody awesome. They’re a backbone for many businesses, I used to be one, and I know so many amazing Australian Virtual Assistants.

In case you don’t know, VAs provide remote support services to businesses, orgs, and individuals, offering many services, including admin, social media, marketing, and design.

Working with a VA frees up your time by outsourcing recurring tasks and projects.

Have I sold you on how amazing they are yet?

Here are 5 ways to find an Australian Virtual Assistant:

1.   Social media

Most VAs have social media accounts e.g. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Remember - whichever social you hang out in, there’s likely a VA lurking nearby.

Find VAs by searching using hashtags, engage by sending a DM, and check out their posts to see if your values align.

2.   Google search

Obvs, you may end up with dozens of articles on how to become a VA, but many VAs have websites and you can also find them on reputable sites, such as Fiverr and Upwork.

3.   Ask a biz mate

Biz communities are great for support, being accountable, and not feeling so alone. They’re also great for recommendations. It’s likely a biz mate has worked with or knows of an amazing VA that you need to check out, so get asking!

4.   Facebook Groups

Yeah, you may be “over” socials but Australian Facebook Groups for biz are a great resource. If you post what you’re looking for, you’ll have VAs coming to you and often also get recommendations for the best VA for your industry.

5.   Work with an agency

Agencies have done the legwork for you as they’re already hired some s**t hot VAs. Set up discovery calls with a few agencies to get a feel for their vibe and how they work. Then it’s their job to set you up with the VA (or VAs) that’ll get your biz tasks done and dusted.

Struggling to find a VA that lights you the TF up? Slide on up to me for access to my network of kickass VAs and agencies.

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