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I know you got qs, so check out my FAQs. Your answer ain’t there? Scream it on over via email or DM - I got your back.
“I've never felt more supported in my business than I have since I hired Cat as my OBM. She is organised, dedicated, passionate about what she does and enthusiastic about my business. I couldn't have wished for a better addition to my team.”
Kaydence Snow - bestselling global author
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Lemme answer your FAQs

WTF is an OBM?

Haha, excellent q! Basically, we’re a virtual office manager AKA we run your entire biz, warts and all. Specifically things like daily operations, project and team management, implementing strategies, and working hand-in-hand with you to support your biz goals.

What’s the diff between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant?

It’s kinda like building a house. The OBM is the architect that you work with on the plan and layout of the house as well as the logistics and planning aspects. The VA is the builder who comes in with the bricks and mortar to actually bring the house to life. I can help you figure out what your biz needs AND point you in the right direction of who’s gonna be your best crew member to put it all together.

I desperately need your help but don’t have the time or $$$ to invest. What do I do?

I hear you. But think about this: How much time and money are you losing (or not earning) right now because you’re not in your genius zone? Imagine how your biz is gonna look in 3 or 6 months’ time if nothing changes. I tell you, it’s more terrifying than being chased by a chainsaw-wielding clown (believe me – I’ve experienced this!). Time, money, and the RIGHT FIT is important to me too, which is why I ask you to fill in an application AND have a discovery call - so I really have got you.

What makes you different from other Online Business Managers?

I’m fun and hardworking, blunt and caring, strategically minded and keen to roll up my sleeves and get the job done. I care about you and your clients. Their success is your success, and yours is mine. And I live and work with Australian-based clients only.

I love your vibe. How do I get you on my crew?

Excellent! I love the passion! Check out my scare-free services and let’s get to it.

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