Online Business Manager, Cat Dunn, leaning against a black wall in Melbourne.Virtual business manager Cat Dunn leaning against a black wall in Australia.

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I'm the go-to OBM for visionary coaches

This ain’t your first rodeo. You’ve been in biz for yonks. Now you long to scale your offers and impact more peeps globally.

The only problemo?

You’re still wearing all the biz hats, you have sticky systems, your only support is from your underwire, and your time is slipping down the drain like radioactive sludge (what the…?). What you need is an online business manager.

Good news: I got you.
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Online business managers rock:

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Streamlined, sh*t-hot systems structure to give your biz a solid backbone.
Solid support for you and your team – you need it, we get it dunn (see what I did there?).
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Turning your wildest dreams and ambitions into realistic, actionable steps.
Strategic thinking that gets your biz in front of the right audience and plays to your strengths and goals.
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Waaayyy more time in your genius zone, so you can be creative AF and work with super aligned clients.
Graffiti wall in Melbourne with green writing on a yellow background.Cat, an online consultant, walking past a coloured wall.
Brooke Nolly, client of online business manager Cat Dunn.

Brooke Nolly

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“If you're sick of doing things yourself or need someone with an opposite skillset to yours ‘cue: organisation and task-oriented whizz’, Cat is your next best coach biz investment as an online business manager.”

Let’s go!

If you’re ready to rid your biz boneyard of to-dos and get clear AF on your biz goals, I’m your gal
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Cat Dunn, online business consultant, leaning against a graffiti wall in Melbourne.Certified obm cat dunn, standing in front of a coloured wall with her eyes closed.

Curious about Cat?

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I spent my youth training as a performer (jazz hands and everything) but didn’t believe I could make it professionally. So, I spent over a decade in the clutches of corporate, learning skills in admin, PA/EA support, marketing, and comms in the UK. A traveller at heart, I followed my heart to New Zealand and Australia, which I’m now thrilled to call home.

I had a yearning to work for myself and I happened upon the world of biz in Melbs and jumped in feet first, starting my own Virtual Assistant biz.

And I went from a 9-5 to working 24/7 (yeah, you get me). I wasn’t sipping cocktails on a beach whilst money fell into my account. Having your own biz is tough. You wear all the hats. You’re alone a lot. You learn a lot. Your to-do list is longer than the queue for the haunted house on Halloween.

But I loved it. I felt lit up and inspired. I became an Online Business Manager because I wanted to use my project management skills and work longer-term with clients.

Why coaches?

Coaching legit gave me the life I have now. It pulled me from the darkest places and saved my life. I know I sound dramatic (I’m an actor at heart) but it did. Working with coaches taught me my worth, supported me as I left an abusive relationship, and helped me redesign my life.

My biz was a safe space for me to figure out who I am and how I can, in turn, support others. I’m living my dream and I want that for all women. Coaching is life changing. You deserve to be in your genius zone to help other women, who in turn help other women, and so on – like a chain of dominoes (the game - not the pizza).

Cat Dunn OBM is your partner in time who has your back, goes gooey over your clients, sets you up for success, and gives you what you want most… time.
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Cat Dunn, previously an Australian virtual assistant, holding her head with both hands and smiling.
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Random facts about this Online Business Manager

(’cos I’m a bit random)
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I’m a manifesting generator, which means that I’m always on the go, full of ideas and plans, and work well when I’m lit up AF
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Lasagne is my love language food and I start every day with a meditation (not allowed my almond latte ‘til it’s done)
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As a professional Scare Actor, I get paid to scare you in public. Yup, such a job exists and I’m horrifyingly good at it…
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Writing and dancing are big passions and I even have a Master’s in Creative Writing. Check out my blog goodies here

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