Hey visionary coach... it's Cat Dunn!

Wanna rid your biz boneyard of to-dos?

I got you! Let’s get my brains on your biz and your time back on track – so you can rock out in your genius zone
Let me help!
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Cat Dunn, OBM and business owner, wearing an iron maiden tshirt and laughing.

Is your coaching biz sucking your soul?

Lemme guess, you:
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Get stuck doing all the little tasks, scrambling to get everything done yourself, and feeling you’re on the cliff edge of burnout
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Have sticky systems that slow you down and get you Googling at all hours
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Don’t wanna let someone see the “warts and all” of your biz, so you don’t outsource and lose valuable time that could be spent in your genius zone
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Simple solution = Cat Dunn joins your crew
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Transform your spooky systems into your ultimate secret weapon

(without having to actually do it yourself)
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Partner in 
crime Time

Ongoing support in your biz, including managing operations and your team, setting up processes and systems, and strategic planning
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Streamline your 
Systems' Spine

Project management support to get your systems set up for success, refine processes, build out SOPs, or whatever your biz needs
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One-off 1:1 call to solve any biz hiccups, plan out your launch, get advice on your new service, or anything else stressing you out
I got you

I'm Cat Dunn

I help visionary coaches like you rid your biz boneyard of to-dos, so you can rock out in your genius zone
Cat Dunn OBM, drinking a purple milkshake and showing her tattoos.
I’m an Online Business Manager, personal development junkie, and serial meditator. I’m also a horror movie lover, medium-in-training, and professional Scare Actor (more on that soon… boo!).

I work with coaches in Australia professionally and personally and it’s changed my life. I want the same for you – a life-changing, mind-altering, expansive existence where anything's possible.

Let’s rock your clients’ world (I really do care about them as much as you do), so you can get back time, scale your biz, and firmly plant your feet as a visionary with your ULTIMATE partner in time (*ahem*, me).
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Cat Dunn's client Emily Osmond, a business coach in Melbourne.

Emily Osmond

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“Cat Dunn delivers work with a high level of quality and efficiency, but also brings genuine care for the change your company is making in the world and your customers’ lives.”
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Why Cat Dunn OBM?

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Not a "one size fits all" kinda gal

My packages cover a range of biz support options to suit all needs, budgets, dramas, and heartburn (and if you can’t see it here, I reckon I can get the digestive fluids bubbling).
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Uncover my underworld

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m ace at my job AND my biz network is sh*t-hot! So, in the unlikely case I don’t know it/can’t do it, there’s a 99% chance I know the peeps who can.
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Coaching is life!

No lie, it CHANGED my life – in the best way! And I want that for your clients. So, yeah, there’re a lot of OBMs out there, but no one like me. #personaldevelopmentaddict
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Cat Dunn has featured on...
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Creep into Cat’s coffin of curiosities…

Wanna learn more about Cat Dunn, OBMs, biz support, strategy, growth, and eavesdrop on the insider biz goss? Listen to my latest podcast eps and devour my bloody awesome blog.
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My brain on your biz = your brain in your genius zone

Like a zombie, I can’t get enough of eating using my brain to systemise, structure, streamline, and sexify your biz, offers, and services. Lemme be the caretaker of your shrine, so you can stop lifting the lid on all the options and start investing that time back into you.
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