What is an Online Business Manager?

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Written by Cat Dunn on June 7, 2023

It's a common question: What is an Online Business Manager?

Online Business Managers (OBM) work remotely with a biz owner to manage their daily operations. Think of a business manager online rather than based in an office.

An Online Business Manager supports you in many ways, including project management, delegation, and marketing. We’re your partner/go-to/right hand gal who also manages your employees or team of contractors, making sure everyone’s working towards your biz goals.

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What does a Online Business Manager do?

If you're asking yourself - what is an Online Business Manager and how can they help me? Skills and tasks vary from Online Business Managers depending on your biz needs and can include:

  • Project management e.g. launch management, streamlining processes, and setting up systems
  • Day-to-day operations e.g. updating standard operating procedures (SOPs), community management, and monitoring systems
  • Strategic support e.g. monitoring biz performance, identifying biz needs, and planning
  • Team management e.g. holding regular meetings, assigning tasks, and setting deadlines

Do I need to work with an OBM forever?

We give you time back to work in your genius zone by creating workflows, processes, and systems. Once these are established,you may need a different kind of support. And that’s okay. OBMs can come in on a project management basis and get s**t set up for you - it’s not necessarily forevs.

Businesses looking to scale are more likely to need ongoing support as scaling doesn’t happen in a day.

OBMs work with you to plan, develop, share the work, strategise, and make decisions. They can also be trusted to take care of your biz and team when you (finally) take a hol.

Now that you know the answer to the question - what is an Online Business Manager - you're on your way to discovering if you want one for your biz.

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How can we be the dream team?

Trust, communication, and aligned values. It can be a long term relationship we’re building and that doesn’t happen overnight. Together we’ll build a skeleton framework, so we can flesh out a rockstar-worthy relationship that allows us to focus on and grow your business.

My main value? I only work with clients who care about their business as much as I do. So, if I’m not your thrill ride of choice, pick an OBM that honestly gives a s**t about you and is passionate AF about your biz.

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