Which business support services are right for you?

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Written by Cat Dunn on February 18, 2024

So... how do you know which business support services are right for your business?

You're ready to rock 'n' roll with your business? But those admin nightmares and monstrous to-do lists got you feeling like you're stuck in a horror flick? Fear not - finding the right business support services is your ticket to escaping the nightmare and stepping into the spotlight!

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What different business support services are available?

Honestly? There’s a lot! And that’s a good thing as they’ll be one (or many) that can support you in the right way for your biz. This can look like:

Social Media Manager (SMM) who can amplify your brand's voice across all digital realms.

Virtual Assistant (VA) who can battle your administrative chaos and tackle tasks with speed and precision.

Online Business Manager (OBM) is your strategic mastermind who streamlines your operations, manages your team, and navigates your business to new heights of success.

Bookkeeper is the guardian of your finances, ensuring your numbers are in order, and your financial future is secure.

Identifying whether you need someone savvy on socials, you wanna win your war with admin, you need strategic guidance, or wanna stop screaming when you look at your numbers, these business support services (and many other types) are ready to take your ghost train into overdrive.

Unearth Your Pain Points: Dive deep into the dark corners of your biz and unearth the tasks that haunt your dreams. From paperwork pandemonium to marketing mayhem, make a list of the tasks that send shivers down your spine.

Embrace the Dark Side: Categorise your tasks into different areas. Are you battling demons in marketing, wrestling with financial fiends, or facing the wrath of administrative ghouls? Understanding your business's dark side is crucial to finding the right allies.

Time Tracking Terror: Keep a watchful eye on the clock as you track the time spent on each task. Use tools like Toggl to track your time like a seasoned vampire hunter. This will reveal where your precious time is disappearing and where you can reclaim it.

Evaluate Your Haunted Systems: Take a gander at the tools and software haunting your business graveyard. Rate their efficiency and user-friendliness on a scale from spooky to spine-chilling. If your systems are as creaky as a haunted mansion, it's time for an exorcism. Streamlined systems are the key to escaping the clutches of chaos.

Embrace Your Inner Rockstar: You've been slaying in biz for yonks, but now it's time to crank up the volume. Seek out support services that bring to life your inner rockstar. Choose allies who can help you stage a killer comeback.

What’s the next step to hire business support services for your business?

Once you've identified the business support services you need it's time to take the next step towards assembling your crew.

  1. Check your budget and see how much you can invest in outsourcing.
  2. Clarify your needs and priorities to make sure you're getting the right support services.
  3. Research potential candidates by searching on Google and socials, asking for referrals, and even advertising the role to find the right fit for your biz.
  4. When you’ve got some potentials, book in discovery calls and chats to see if you both vibe, they have the right experience, and they’re available to start when you need.
  5. Seal the deal by signing a contract, setting your boundaries, onboarding, and then working on your biz tasks and goals.

Now you've got your kickass team of the right business support services for your biz, ready to scale your biz, increase your revenue, and impact more peeps.

Cat can help you find business support services

If you’re still feeling a lil’ stuck on where to find the business support services right for you or want access to my network of kickass biz peeps as many brains are better than two (just ask a zombie), The Thriller is for you!

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