5 ways to build a business community

5 ways to build a business community
Written by Cat Dunn on March 30, 2024

You want to build a business community?

You've launched your biz and have fine tuned your offers and messaging, and your clients are happy AF. Now you're yearning to amplify your impact and create a business community that's as tight-knit as the cast of a classic horror movie.

Fear not! We’re gonna dive into building a business community that not only supports your biz goals but also propels them to new heights with the intensity of a headbanging rock anthem.

So, let's crank up the volume, dim the lights, and lift the lid on 5 ways to build a business community that rocks your world like a spine-chilling horror flick.

Here’s 5 ways to build a business community

1. Unearth your community's desires

Just like exploring the dark, shadowy corners of a haunted house, understanding your business community's deepest desires is your necessary first step.

Dive deep into conversations, surveys, and feedback with your ideal community connections to unearth what they most want. Whether it's a thirst for knowledge, a craving for connection, or a hunger for transformation, you’ve gotta align your community’s goals with the needs of your desired clients that's as committed as a final girl facing off the killer in the final act.


2. Stave off the superficial

Peeps can tell when you’re being superficial - it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Authenticity is like the guitar riff that sets the rhythm for your kickass rock song that gets the crowd screaming and jumping from the first chord. 

This is where you share your biz journey, vulnerability, and wins openly with your audience. You begin building your business community by creating spaces for meaningful conversations, where each peep feels like they're part of your crew - seen, heard, and valued within your business community.


3. Remember - it ain’t about you

Community isn't just about you. It's a collective and only works when everyone and their energies come together. Embrace the power of collabs by inviting your audience to rock out with you.

This can be holding brainstorming sessions, beta-testing new products, or hosting events, involving your business community as much as possible in what you’re creating will strengthen your bond and build a camaraderie to rival ‘The Losers Club’ in IT (chapters one AND two).


4. Consistency is key

Consistency is the backbone of any epic saga, and it's no different when it comes to nurturing your business community. Create regular check-ins and connections e.g. weekly newsletters, live Q&As, and engaging on socials to keep the conversation flowing and connection growing.

Be present, responsive, and attentive to your community's needs and feedback. Keeping an open line of communication strengthens your connections, builds trust, and shows your commitment to everyone’s survival and success in biz.


5. Create something meaning and individual for your business community

You don’t have to go as far as hosting a weekly séance or having a yearly horror movie marathon - it could be something as simple as a special name or for your members. Bringing in creating something that’s special and unique to your business community creates a sense of belonging and continuity within your business community.

These shared experiences deepen your relationships and give a touchpoint for community members to connect, recharge, and celebrate together like survivors after a harrowing night of terror.

Are you ready to build your business community?

Building a thriving business community is not just about numbers. It's about nurturing meaningful connections, cultivating a sense of belonging, and creating something that's as epic as a final showdown between good and evil.

Following these 5 ways to build a business community, will help you build not only a community but a movement that rocks the world.

So, tune up your guitar, grab your plectrum, and let's make some spine-tingling, head-banging magic happen within the business community!

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