How to transition from VA to OBM

Cat Dunn OBM sharing with a group of virtual assistants how to become an OBM
Written by Cat Dunn on May 31, 2024

So, you want to know how to transition from VA to OBM?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably mastered the dark arts of being a Virtual Assistant (VA).

You’ve slain admin tasks like a seasoned vampire hunter, tamed chaotic schedules, and brought order to the madness.

But now, the full moon is rising, and you’re hearing the call to something more powerful…

It’s now your time to transition from VA to OBM (Online Business Manage) and step into your true badassery in the business world. Ready to unleash your inner beast?

Let’s embark on this thrilling transformation!

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Let’s break down how to transition from VA to OBM…

First things first, you need to summon your inner leader.

As a VA, you’ve been the hidden hero in the shadows. Now, you’re stepping into the light, leading the charge.

OBMs aren’t just task slayers; they command entire armies of projects, teams, and operations.

Embrace the darkness and get ready to take control like a true master of the night.

To make this leap, you’ll need to expand your arsenal. Here’s a breakdown of the dark arts you need to master:

Project Necromancy: OBMs are the necromancers of project management. Get familiar with tools like Asana, Trello, or Learn to resurrect projects from the dead, set hauntingly good timelines, and keep everything on track.

Minion Management: You’ll be commanding more than just your tasks. Brush up on your people skills. Learn how to delegate like a dark lord, provide feedback with precision, and keep your team motivated under the full moon.

System Sorcery: Solid systems are the spells that keep businesses thriving. Dive deep into creating and optimising workflows. Tools like Notion and ClickUp will be your spellbooks.

Strategic Scheming: As an OBM, you’ll need to see the big picture from your dark tower. Develop your skills in strategic planning. Align business goals with actionable steps and measure success with the cunning of a werewolf tracking its prey.

Ready to transition from VA to OBM?

Don’t forget – you’re already a force to be reckoned with. Your experience as a VA has given you a solid foundation.

You know the ins and outs of admin work, you’re detail-oriented, and you’ve got organisational skills sharper than a vampire’s fangs. Leverage this experience as you transition from VA to OBM.

The skills you’ve honed as a VA are crucial for an OBM; you’re just amplifying them with a touch of dark magic.

If you're ready to leave the shadows behind and transform into the ultimate OBM beast, it's time for some 1:1 mentoring.

Together, we’ll harness your VA skills, amplify your strengths, and awaken the OBM within you.

Your destiny awaits – let’s unlock it together.

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